Bedouin Records

Bedouin Records is an independent music, art and fashion label started in 2014, based in Berlin, Dubai and Osaka. Conceptual artist Salem Rashid is the founder of the label and its subsidiary Bastakiya Tapes. The label has released more than 30 albums, some on vinyl, some on CD and some on cassette. Among its releases are works from composers such as Xosar, Constantine Skourlis, Merzbow, Jigga, Dez Williams, Eomac, Tzusing, Ekman, Hieroglyphic Being and Ryo Murakami. Bedouin Records has collaborated with visual artists such as Kosuke Kawamura, Cleon Peterson, Zeinab Al Hashemi, Usugrow, Yuichiro Tamaki, Hamadaraka, Tatsuya Fujimoto and Zeke Clough. The releases have earned international acclaim in outlets such as Monocle, BBC Radio 1, Resident Advisor, Dazed, Spike Art Magazine and The Wire. Bedouin Records realized various pop-up art installations, performances, showcases and concerts in the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Germany, Greece and the United Kingdom. Takashi Makabe, also known as Zodiak, is the visual identity director of the label. The multidisciplinary composer Constantine Skourlis is the dramaturg and musical advisor of the label. Nazanin Noori is a theatre-director that is in charge of the content and event production. GENERAL ENQUIRIES:

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